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Herbal Supplements for Menopause

img9big The use of herbal supplements for the menopause has experienced a significant upswing in the last few decades. This rise in popularity is not only limited to those herbs associated with menopausal symptoms, with herbal remedies that relieve a variety of ailments becoming more popular than many of the contemporary treatments offered by doctors.

As previously stated, the rise in herbal supplements for the menopause is not merely a coincidence; a woman would not go against the advice of her doctor who recommends potentially harmful HRT, only to choose a treatment which was ineffective, or worse still, bad for her health and wellbeing. The truth behind this shifting of popular opinion lies with hard facts and countless testimonies from women around the world. Most doctors, when trying to offer solutions to a woman who has just been informed that she has entered the menopause, will turn to HRT as the most effective treatment. The problem with this approach is that a significant number of women are not able to partake in this treatment due to their medical history. Those who have previous health conditions such as liver disease, heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure, are all immediately advised that HRT is not an option for them. In addition to this, there have been a significant number of studies which indicate an alarming relationship between those who have HRT, and women who develop breast cancer. Moreover, many women have reported that upon completing their HRT, the menopausal symptoms have persisted and, in some cases, even worsened.

Knowing the risks of HRT and wanting to try some herbal remedies is all fine, but where should a woman begin? There are so many herbal supplements for the menopause available, but which are the most effective whilst carrying no unpleasant side effects?

For many women, the answer to this question is simple – Curcuma Comosa!

Available from CCHerb, prepared in an easy to consume capsule form, Curcuma Comosa is extremely effective at curtailing many of the unpleasant symptoms of the menopause such as hair loss, night sweats, hot flashes and lowered libido. The main reason that these symptoms manifest during the menopause is because of the hormonal imbalance that occurs. Fluctuating levels of progesterone, oestrogen and testosterone are the primary causes, and most women need to try a wide variety of remedies and treatments before finding one that actually works. Curcuma Comosa targets these fluctuating hormones directly by replenishing those that are diminished and restoring equilibrium to the body’s natural hormonal balance.

So there you have it, a herbal supplement for menopause symptoms that is 100% natural, has no side effects and is easy to take as part of a normal lifestyle. The testimonies are constantly flooding in, including this one from Amanda in San Antonio, Texas.

“When I was informed that I was entering the menopause, I just felt like crying. My doctor informed me of what symptoms to expect and how severe they could be….it sounded horrible. I was so worried and I thought about how I could possibly maintain my career and take care of my children through all of this. I completely did not want to take any kind of hormone replacement therapy, it just seems so risky. Luckily my doctor was knowledgeable about alternative treatments and recommended Curcuma Comosa. I’m so glad he did as I have rarely experienced any severe symptoms…..only the occasional hot flash, but nothing as severe as many others seem to endure.”

With success stories like that, it is easy to understand why Curcuma Comosa is being championed as the herbal supplement for the menopause.

Put your trust in Curcuma Comosa and continue your life the natural way!